A couple of months ago I got the urge to play with WordPress again and released a blog post about why there was no Archive of my old defunct CrossBorder Gaming Show (*SPOILER* because it wasn’t people’s cup of tea).  But since then I really had the urge to try and restart RetroFungeon.  Since I was hanging out with Vic and Wil on a regular basis for the past few months (thank goodness to their new schedules!), we started talking about doing the show again and we were all on board.  Couple of weeks later we’re sitting at Wil’s dinner table surrounded by wires and we’re doing it.

So how often will you be releasing a show?

Hopefully monthly since we get together about once a month.  We are not going to do the show over skype or some other service because this is not how we want to do it.  What works very well with our show is the chemistry that we have when we hang out and that is exactly what RetroFungeon is supposed to sound like.  I will need to get some new mic Stands and some sponges for the mics but otherwise we have everything to make it a great show.

What about Retrofungeon.com?

It’s coming back in a month, no worries.  This is just a temp solution.

Articles?  Reviews?

Very likely.


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I think YouTube is over-saturated with people who want to be the next PewDiePie and there is honestly too many out there.  Especially since there were a lot of people making some money off their channels.  But for us, it’s not worth the effort.  As cool as it would be.  But I simply don’t have that kind of time to shoot any videos.  Once my collection is out of storage and on display again, I may start making videos again.  That won;t be for another year though.

All in all, we are all very happy to be back doing the show again.  Episode 7 was made without an outline but 8 & 9 already have outlines started.  We are going try our very  very best to make this a regular thing again as we missed doing the show very much.  We look forward to (at times crudely) discussing many gaming topics of the years before and the present.

By Frank

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