The Video game crash from 1983 was a paradigm shift in the entertainment industry. This was an industry that literally produced and published any game no matter how bad or good it was. Thinking they wuld make a quick buck. The market was flooded with games and consoles nobody wanted. Long story short, this paved the way for the gaming industry as we know it now. Four years after the crash the industry was being driven once again by innovation and all new content. Most importantly, what was being published (for the most part) was of good if not great quality. This happened almost 40 years ago. Given that the markets were flooded with crap, does that sound familiar yet? Oh right, that’s happening right now.

Since the introduction of the PS5 and Xbox 4 (That’s what I’m calling it cause that’s what it is. Not one spelled different ways) the excitement seemed to only last as long as the launch took. The scalping of the consoles lead to fever pitch sales and price gouging. All to play games from the previous generation for the most part. IMO, both consoles could’ve EASILY been delayed until 2023 and allowed it to develop enhanced features. The fact they launched the consoles during a pandemic with parts and chip shortages, what was the point of even releasing the consoles on time? Microsoft and Sony were playing chicken to see who would pull the trigger first on an announcement. I wish the two had gotten into a secret meeting and mutually agreed that if the Nintendo switch is selling with it’s outdated processing power, what is the point of upgrading a generation of consoles that was still selling well?

Upon launch the games were not that impressive either. Unless you were a Marvel or Football Fan, there was absolutely NOTHING at launch. Other than your bank account missing over CA$1000. Reports have shown that most next-gen console launch customers are dissatisfied with the limited amount of games that were available at launch. Citing that most of them are just remakes, remasters, and collections. Most of which are not remasters at all. Some are. But either way, there are no sequels available for Grand Theft Auto (That are WAY OVER DUE for 6) and instead they get the third fucking release of GTA 5. Oh and then they delayed it. Along with the other minimal improvements on games, the prices remain the same as if you bought a AAA game. In the last 4 years the Video game industry has become more lazy than ever. I have never seen so many old titles get re-published as I do now. Why? How do you launch next gen consoles and are depending for old hat (most of which they have already purchased previously) offering little to no incentives to “upgrade”. What gives? Where’s the beef?

It feels like game publishers and studios were either a.) were not ready for this generation and were blind sided by the release b.) they willingly rested on their laurels and don’t care or c.) Hey look! Nintendo sells old shit for full price with no improvements so let’s do that too, dude bros! I am not sure which of the three it is answer but I feel like all three play a part in all this crap. The last brand new, from scratch Mario Kart came out in 8.5 years ago and Deluxe was released 4 years later with minimal improvements on the Switch. I feel like the only improvements were load times since you didn’t have a spinning disc anymore. So when the fuck is Mario Kart 9 going to come out? I have seen 3, yes, 3 Splatoon sequels in the time the last Mario Kart came out. Three of them. And you can’t make new tracks and cups even for an existing Mario Kart game? But no matter what I am saying here. their fans don’t care and they buy it anyway to hold them over. All that happened was that Sony and Microsoft decided to go the same route.

My prediction is that unless some AAAA sequels or original games/new franchises come out, we will see a Video game crash again as early as Christmas 2022. Every store I have been to has the consoles now. There is no shortage and scalpers have lost their shirts sitting on high priced consoles that went from the gouge price of $1200 down to below MSRP. And no one wants them because no one wants to play their PS4 games on a PS5. ‘The fuck did people upgrade for then? Microsoft did one better and allowed users to install Third party software on their consoles to play roms. Yes, for 15 bucks you too can install RetroArch on an Xbox legally and play roms. So far that has been the only reason to upgrade and I think it is a great idea to thwart modding of the console. So what happens when the stores are full of consoles no one wants and games that no one buys? Game Crash 2022/2023.

While I do primarily blame Nintendo for creating the blueprint for the remakes-&- rehashes-to-huge-profit business model (and Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), I predict Nintendo will be unaffected due to the blind loyalty their fans. Personally, I believe Nintendo is the master of Stockholm syndrome in the gaming industry. But what Sony and MS don’t have is the sheep fans that will buy anything they release. Nor will they have an issue accept long dev cycles(Do you hear Mario Kart fans in outrage? They should be!) That is what will keep Nintendo afloat.  It’s really hard to say what they will do with the Switch once (or if ever) parts become abundant again.  Plus Nintendo knows how to survive.  They survived as a Card-Game Company to grow into one of the most popular gaming companies of all time with plenty of innovations and consoles under their scoresheet.  

I am now going to put my Michael Pachter hat on:  PC gaming will become popular again after the crash.  When Graphics card parts are available again, bringing down the prices (or so I hope), I can see more people being interested in something they can upgrade themselves or get upgraded.  I hope this sparks a technologically curious generation that will experiment with the PC just like we did in the early 2000s; everyone knew how to upgrade their own rig.  Upgrading your memory and video card are always an option with PC.  Plus, building in 2022 has never been easier.  YouTube has a large collection of tutorial videos showing you exactly how to do it and be confidently guided through the process of a build.  There is nothing more rewarding than playing a Gaming PC that YOU built.  It’s like custom building your own game console.  

A game crash can be a good thing.  It will get rid of all the company that have shovelled shit and the innovators will rise to the top.  Who knows, maybe Sega makes a comeback and released the Dreamcast 2 finally and get our fighting games back.  Or maybe some new company?  

What I do know is as of January 2022, there are more Xboxes and PS5s on available on the second hand market than ever before.  Scalpers are losing their ass (GUD!  “Entrepreneur”, my ass).  But in 11 months we’re going to find out.  


Also.. I shamelessly stole the featured image from IGN here then modified it . Give it a read.

By Frank

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