Frank, Wil and Victor are back with a more modern-gaming focused show.  Discussed are the Latest Street Fighter V:Arcade Edition, The FGC (Fighting Game Community) snubbing King of Fighters 14 and the effects of a bad demo, Dusty Rhodes, Wil’s new SNES Mini Pal impressions, Wil’s issues with too many streaming services,  and we also squeeze in a little Nintendo Labo.



By Frank

2 thoughts on “RetroFungeon Podcast 011: Snubs and Cardboard”
  1. Sadly disappointed that I can not subscribe on apple podcast! I’m broken inside how will I get my Madea ninetendo cardboard fix!!! Please help!

    Sincerely many thanks!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I added an RSS link above that you can drag into the podcast portion of iTunes while I wait Apple to approve the official link. That should work for now 🙂

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