We’re back at night in Vic’s Zen Garden (with immaculate lawn!) and we are being grumpy old men and bitching about the high prices of games. Why the fuck are digital games as much as retail games? Vic’s retro game stigmata, Victor vs Frank for Retro Game Collecting War 2019, the decline of retro game prices and the fad, Victor’s outrageous Kijiji demands, impromptu retro game store reviews,

Items discussed

  • Retro Game Collecting War 2019
  • Mini Consoles. Why? What are you getting?
  • The lengths you’re willing to go to get a deal (without getting Paul Bernardo’d)
  • The Japanese eBay Game Price drop of 2019

Alternate Titles:

  • Grumpy Old Men
  • Come on! It’s Funny!

By Frank

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